The given code defines a class called `DatabaseConnection`. It has...

November 21, 2023 at 09:56 AM

class DatabaseConnection { private $dbConnection = null; private $bConnected = false; public function __construct() { // Use values set in $_ENV through the included user.php file // Create an account at: $host = $_ENV["localhost"]; // Hostname (localhost) $port = $_ENV["3306"]; // Oege Database port number (3306) $db = $_ENV["dbName"]; // Oege Database schema name () $user = $_ENV["idzikoa"]; // Oege Database username $pass = $_ENV["rnvklC1LqYfJt/"]; // Oege Database password try { // Create MYSQL connection using the improved connection method // $this->dbConnection = mysqli_init(); $this->dbConnection->ssl_set(NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL); $this->bConnected = $this->dbConnection->real_connect($host, $user, $pass, $db); if (!$this->bConnected){ // quit script die('Connect Error (' . mysqli_connect_errno() . ') '.mysqli_connect_error()); }else{ //NOTE: Uncomment to test if a succesfull connection could be made. //echo "Connected successfully"; } } catch (Exception $e) { exit($e->getMessage()); } } public function getConnection() { return $this->dbConnection; } public function closeConnection() { $this->getConnection()->close(); $bConnected = false; } public function executeQuery($query) { // Directly calling query is not the safest way to execute queries on the DB, look up SQL injections. // It is a good way to start and learn the basics of PHP, Parameters, MySQL and queries. // Think about converting the code to make use of prepared statements, mysqli_real_escape_string and Validation & Sanitization of user input. // DEBUG query: //echo ' query = '.$query; return $this->getConnection()->query($query); } }

The given code defines a class called DatabaseConnection. It has private properties $dbConnection and $bConnected which are initially set to null and false respectively.

The class has a constructor method that initializes the database connection using the values set in the $_ENV superglobal array. It creates a MySQL connection using the mysqli_init() function and sets the SSL parameters. Then, it tries to establish a connection using the real_connect() method of the mysqli object. If the connection fails, it outputs an error message and terminates the script. If the connection is successful, it can optionally output a success message.

The class also has a getConnection() method that returns the database connection object and a closeConnection() method that closes the database connection and sets the $bConnected property to false.

Additionally, there is an executeQuery($query) method that executes a given SQL query on the database using the query() method of the database connection object. The result of the query is returned.

Overall, this class provides a way to establish a database connection, execute SQL queries, and close the connection.

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