This code updates the column `UnoUnitCode` in table `A` with...

April 19, 2024 at 07:40 AM

Update A Set UnoUnitCode = B.Unit From CCMS_T_InsuranceSGIC_Upd A with (Nolock) Join SFL_DashBoard.dbo.Policy_Master B with (Nolock) On (Isnull(A.S_PolicyNo,'')=Isnull(B.PolicyNumber,'')) Where IsNull(UnoUnitCode,'')='' And Isnull(A.S_PolicyNo,'') <>''

This code updates the column UnoUnitCode in table A with the value of column Unit from table B. It only performs the update for rows where the UnoUnitCode is empty and the S_PolicyNo is not empty in table A, and where the S_PolicyNo matches the PolicyNumber in table B.

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